Dr. Mimi Lee’s IVF Story

Dr. Mimi Lee, physician, breast cancer survivor, professional concert pianist: She lost her only hope of having biological children while we all watched. She's sharing her story so that "even though I won't be able to meet my babies, maybe I'll help someone else hold on to theirs." Watch her interview with Eggsperience's Valerie Landis. She shares where she is in the appeals process, what her future fertility ...


Easter Blog Article by Sarah Kay Hoffman

I’m deeply and forever touched to have been included in this blog post by Sarah Kay Hoffman. If you aren’t following Sarah on facebook, you should. Her journey and love for her daughter will fill your heart with joy.



New Infertility Support Group

RESOLVE Professionally-led general infertility support group forWOMEN Facilitated by Beth Jaeger-Skigen, LCSW This group meets in San Francisco at 1197 Valencia Street at 23rd  Starting February 23, 2016 Tuesdays: from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm The group requires a 6 week commitment What happens during this infertility support group? Members of this infertility support group come together to share feelings, conce...


My thoughts on “the Egg Cliff”

This is a very important article for me to comment on as a fertility doc. It's important because I don't want women thinking after reading this that there is such a thing as an "egg cliff." Society and the media makes us feel like there is and it just isn't so. We are born with all the eggs we'll ever have and we SLOWLY lose them over time. Your rate of egg loss is determined by several things: genetics, environment and lifestyle. Nothing happens all of a sudden at age 35. The Continue reading  


Update: Zika Virus in Pregnancy

We learned today of the first case of sexually transmitted Zika virus in Dallas County. I have had dozens of patients email/call about the virus and their travel plans. My recommendation to all has been to avoid travel but one important scenario now to consider is this: If let's say hypothetically you have a family wedding you were going to attend, it would be important for both you AND your sexual partner to stay home during your pregnancy. As always, check wi...


Zika Virus in Pregnancy

Watch my interview last week here with Kron 4's Vicki Liviakis re: the Zika virus. See your OBgyn to learn more and find out the latest updates from:http://www.cdc.gov/zika/pregnancy/index.html before you travel. If you have traveled during a current pregnancy to one of the listed countries, let your ObGyn know. There are 2 Continue reading  

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