Caffeine – How Much is Too Much?

Patients are always asking me, “How much coffee can I drink while trying to conceive?”  There have been studies showing a link between caffeine and miscarriage and studies that show no link. Wouldn’t you think that women in these studies recorded how much caffeine they consumed daily followed by an analysis of their pregnancy outcome? None of these studies were done that way. They were all done by recall. This means women were asked to remember how much coffee they drank when they were pregnant. Researchers then came to some conclusion about what it all means.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health recently published their findings which showed no link between caffeine consumption and miscarriage. They did their study right – they followed women for 12 months and had them record their daily caffeine consumption. They found that caffeine consumption was not associated with a longer time to pregnancy and was not associated with miscarriage.

I’m not telling you to start drinking coffee if you aren’t a coffee drinker but I think that based on all available evidence – you shouldn’t feel guilty for having an occasional cup of coffee, tea or soda while you are trying to conceive.

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