Dr. Mimi Lee’s IVF Story

May 03, 2016 | Fertility Care

Dr. Mimi Lee, physician, breast cancer survivor, professional concert pianist: She lost her only hope of having biological children while we all watched. She’s sharing her story so that “even though I won’t be able to meet my babies, maybe I’ll help someone else hold on to theirs.” Watch her interview with Eggsperience’s Valerie Landis. She shares where she is in the appeals process, what her future fertility plans are, the advice she has for IVF patients, and exactly what happened to her as she battled for her embryos in court. Despite losing her embryo battle, she is a winner. She continues to find the goodness in humanity and wants to empower YOU by sharing her IVF story. Click here to read her story and watch her interview: Dr. Mimi Lee’s Personal testimonial.

Dr. Mimi Lee