How to Be Your Own Fertility Expert At Home

Dec 09, 2009 | Fertility Care

Why would an infertility doc want to teach patients how to be their own fertility experts? The reason is this: times are tough. People are delaying the time they would normally take to see an infertility doctor because they are afraid of the price tag associated with the cost associated with consults, ultrasounds and treatments.

Depending on your insurance benefits, a visit to an infertility doc and treatments may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Did you know that there are products that you can buy online that will help you determine the reason why you may not be getting pregnant?

Believe it or not – you can do an at home semen analysis and hormone testing (FSH = follicle stimulation hormone) for less than 100 dollars each. None of these tests are close to as helpful as tests that you have done at your doctor’s office especially because your doctor won’t be able to interpret your results. For example, the semen analysis test just helps you figure out the presence or absence of sperm (a little more detailed than that – but not that much more). The hormone testing you can do at home doesn’t check your estrogen levels which may be helpful in terms of knowing the whole story.

But what if testing at home was all you needed to get you to see an infertility doc to help you with your problem conceiving? That’s why I’m letting you know about your options.

I don’t have a relationship with any of the companies I’m blogging about – I just find their products interesting and they may be helpful to someone who isn’t able to see an infertility doc because of where they live or would rather doing this testing now before even trying to conceive.

Check out this website if you’re interested in doing an at home semen analysis:

Check out this website if you’re interested in doing at home hormone testing:

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