Kardashian Fertility

Mar 04, 2018 | Fertility Care
I have a lot in common with the Kardashian Family. I talk about fertility all the time, they talk about fertility all the time. So naturally, I’ve dedicated an Egg Whisperer Show to what 10 years of the Kardashians have taught us about Fertility. Lesson #1: Your Mom’s Fertility is Important                                                     Source: Kardashian 2017 Holiday Card The Kardashian Matriarch, Kris Jenner had 4 kids with her first husband and then two more over the age of 35 with her second husband. Is it possible she used fertility treatment to have the last two? Maybe, but we can only speculate. What does it remind us to do? Learn these three things about your family’s fertility: When did your mom experience menopause? Did your mom have any miscarriages or difficulty conceiving? If you have sisters, did they need fertility help? If so there’s a chance you may need it too. If your mom needed fertility treatment to get pregnant with you, this is a good thing to know! We inherit fertility genes (not the ones you wear) from both...

Pro Tips for How to Have the Best Egg Retrieval Experience

Feb 22, 2018 | Fertility Care
For the past 10+ years I’ve been retrieving eggs for people. A process that if you’re a new patient, can be daunting. You may be wondering, what exactly is involved? Just like any surgery it is serious business and a procedure that goes best when there’s careful planning. As a doctor who’s been doing this for over a decade, I want to give you my top 9 tips for how to be the most prepared patient. Why? Preparation will help set the stage for your best retrieval experience. Any why wouldn’t you want that?! My Top 9 Tips for Your Best Egg Retrieval Experience Pro Tip #1: Know where you’re going My general rule with all things is that if you know where you’re going you have a much lower chance of getting lost! (For the record: This is coming from someone who has absolutely no sense of direction except for when it comes to placing an embryo.) And when I say know where you’re going, I do mean literally. There are many clinics that have satellite clinics in different cities and the lab in another city. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going and if you have any anxiety...

Meet me in SF on February 26th at the Pregnantish Debut Event!

Feb 17, 2018 | Fertility Care
Join pregnantish for their debut event in San Francisco, at the Sketchpad Gallery in SoMA, on Monday February 26 for an inspiring and insightful evening of ART + Conversation: Real Talk About Fertility. Register today before tickets sell out at their eventbrite link: HERE. After the reception where we'll enjoy the gallery's 'Good Vibes' exhibit (because - we can all use good vibes these days, can't we?!), we'll sit down and hear from the esteemed panel on how to best navigate fertility. This conversation will be moderated by CNN and Glamour contributor Elissa Strauss, and will feature Relationship Expert & Founder of pregnantish, Andrea Syrtash, Reproductive Endocronologist Dr. Peter Klatsky from Spring Fertility, Fertility Specialist and the "Egg Whisperer" Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh and Wendie Wilson, CEO of Gifted Journeys and President at the Society of Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Whether you're just starting to consider ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) to start or expand your family, or you're many years into treatments, this expert panel will answer questions on how to best manage this (often stressful) process and maximize your success with it. All participants will be treated to the gallery exhibit, wine and cheese and a special gift bag. Our...

Breakthroughs in Reproductive Health: Leading the Way for Personalized Fertility Medicine

Feb 17, 2018 | Fertility Care
Over the last few decades, breakthrough advancements in the field of fertility has helped many infertile couples start a family successfully. Innovations like non-invasive tests that can identify genetic abnormalities and multi-gene panel tests have brought personalized medicine to reproductive health. Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, embryologist and founder of Celmatix, Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim, and neuroscientist and founder of Episona Dr. Alan Horsager, were interviewed recently about technologies that can help physicians help their patients reach their family building goals in a more focused way. Listen to the incredibly informative informative interview here.    

Dr. Aimee Quoted in CNN

Feb 17, 2018 | Fertility Care
Read this CNN.com article about a new study on the future of growing eggs in a lab. https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/09/health/human-eggs-lab-fertility-study/index.html

Fertility Myths Debunked

Feb 14, 2018 | Fertility Care
Do you think you can put botox in your ovaries? You know, plump up those older eggs to regain their youthfulness? Nope, sorry. Not possible. Or have you thought that because you can take a youthful looking selfie, and feel great, that your fertility must be picture perfect too? Nope, sorry. Good selfies don’t equal good fertility. But you’re not dumb. You know that. But there may be some tricky information out there that you’re not entirely sure if it’s true. Fertility isn’t surface level. It’s not skin-deep. It’s biology. It’s what’s deep inside, and yet impacted by what’s outside of you too. Suffice to say, it can be complex. Which is why I’m here. I’m certainly a fertility doctor with over a decade of training and advanced degrees that have gotten me to the point where I finally know how to make a baby. And I want to share what I know with all of you. One very important component of what I do is myth busting. (No, really! I’m serious). There are so many myths circulating around about what will make someone fertile or less fertile. What and how fertility is measured. What matters, and what doesn’t. Consider...

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