5 Things Gabrielle Union Teaches Us About Fertility

Oct 12, 2017 | Fertility Care
44 year old actress, Gabrielle Union has recently opened up about her fertility struggles. As a woman that once thought she never wanted kids, she now finds herself longing to conceive, and enduring a painful journey to bring love into the world. Years of failed IVF treatments and 8 or 9 miscarriages is heartbreaking. But it doesn’t just have to be a sad story, it can be one that inspires each of us to act.  If Gabrielle can be courageous enough to share with us her story, then it’s our duty to listen, and to take heed to understand our own fertility. I’m the Egg Whisperer and have made it my life’s mission to empower more women with fertility knowledge. Here’s what I want you to know from Gabrielle’s story: 1. Fertility isn’t skin deep: Gabrielle is beautiful both on the inside and outside. I’ve seen interviews of her and I have always said she’s someone I admire. She’s super healthy and looks no older than 30. She clearly takes care of herself. But self-care doesn’t guarantee fertility. That’s the most frustrating part of being a fertility patient. Your nutrition may be impeccable, your fitness level peak, and stress levels low, but...

The Extended Donor Family: It’s All About Connection

Jun 05, 2017 | Fertility Care
In Dr. Aimee's new Freeze and Share program, there are many different options for the Freezer / Sharer relationship. In this article, Dr. Mary Coleman Allen, explains how to make the best choices when it comes to egg donation. By Mary Coleman Allen, Ph.D., LPC Over the past fourteen years, I have worked with many families who have conceived their children with the help of egg donation, and I have worked with the egg donors who have helped families achieve their dreams of becoming parents. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of these amazing family building journeys. "the field of third party reproduction has been changing, leaning toward more of an “open” relationship between donors and recipients, as the voices of donor conceived children have been calling for more access to their genetic information." During my years of clinical practice, I’ve come to better understand the hearts and minds of the women who donate their eggs and the women who receive donated eggs. It is a continual learning process of how these roles play out for each individual. I have worked with egg donor recipients who have received eggs from sisters, friends and co-workers. I also have worked with egg...

Let’s Be Real About George Clooney’s Pregnancy

Apr 11, 2017 | Fertility Care
When the world found out that George Clooney, age 55, was going to be a father of twins, the internet literally swooned. Matt Damon almost started crying. My phone blew up with questions about whether I thought they did IVF or not. When Janet Jackson’s pregnancy news became public, the internet exploded but in a different way. Everyone was extremely focused on her age. Several articles were written about the dangers of pregnancy in women at 50. I was even quoted in articles and on news shows about her age too. Do you see where I'm going with this? Why is the world silent about George Clooney’s age? We had no problem labeling 50-year-old Janet Jackson as “old.” And then even before Janet Jackson had her baby, we learned about two other older male mega stars with pregnancy news and a delivery: Jay Z at the age of 47 is expecting twins with his 35-year-old wife Beyoncé, and Mick Jagger age 73 just had a baby with his 29-year-old girlfriend. It's awesome that celebrities are sharing their IVF stories but fertility doctors should take advantage of this huge opportunity and educate the public about the risks of advanced paternal age too. We should teach the public about pregnancy risks in older fathers in light of the recent celebrity pregnancies in the same way we educated people about risks in older...

7 Things You Should Know About IVF Before You Start

Feb 11, 2017 | Fertility Care
1. As soon as I say "IVF" the first thing that comes to mind for many people is a long needle that goes in the tushy. You will take injections to get your eggs to grow but they are small short needles  that go in the skin of your tummy. If you have a hard time with the idea of giving yourself shots or don't have someone who will help, I will do your injections for you happily. 2.The weight gain is really really annoying. The injections are calorie-free (ha ha) but you may feel more bloated and hungrier than usual. 3. We don't prescribe birth control pills at the start of your cycle because we are trying to prevent pregnancy. We use birth controls as  "IVF readiness pills." I wish they could be labeled that way because I get the funniest looks when I start talking about taking birth control for some (not all) IVF protocols. And then you should know that it's totally normal to spot on the pill (we call that breakthrough bleeding). And then............................ 4. You'll get another period after you stop the pills before you start shots. Confused? Don't be! The hormones basically take over your cycle so your doctor...

Social Egg Freezing, All you Should know

Feb 08, 2017 | Fertility Care
You can tune into the January 19th episode of CureTalks about Social Egg Freezing here:

ERA: Your Embryo Party Evite

Feb 07, 2017 | Fertility Care
What is the ERA test? Think of it this way: It's a test that basically tells you when to transfer an embryo. It tells you exactly when the embryo party (implantation) starts in your uterus.  Yes, I did just say "party in your uterus." Have you ever been invited to a party but you were the first one to get there? It's awkward to show up when people are still setting out the tables, chairs and plates. The food isn't quite out and it looks like it may take another couple hours for set up to be complete. You aren't going to stay too long at that party and you'll go on your merry way. Your embryo has nowhere to sit. That's the equivalent of a pre-receptive lining. Or what about this, have you ever showed up to a party late? You get there when everyone is already leaving. You're going to leave too. The party is over. That's a post-receptive lining. If the embryo shows up to a "post-receptive party", it won't stay long either. The party you and your embryo want to go to is one where all the tables and chairs are set up and the food is out ie your...

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