7 Things You Should Know About IVF Before You Start

Feb 11, 2017 | Fertility Care
1. As soon as I say "IVF" the first thing that comes to mind for many people is a long needle that goes in the tushy. You will take injections to get your eggs to grow but they are small short needles  that go in the skin of your tummy. If you have a hard time with the idea of giving yourself shots or don't have someone who will help, I will do your injections for you happily. 2.The weight gain is really really annoying. The injections are calorie-free (ha ha) but you may feel more bloated and hungrier than usual. 3. We don't prescribe birth control pills at the start of your cycle because we are trying to prevent pregnancy. We use birth controls as  "IVF readiness pills." I wish they could be labeled that way because I get the funniest looks when I start talking about taking birth control for some (not all) IVF protocols. And then you should know that it's totally normal to spot on the pill (we call that breakthrough bleeding). And then............................ 4. You'll get another period after you stop the pills before you start shots. Confused? Don't be! The hormones basically take over your cycle so your doctor...

Social Egg Freezing, All you Should know

Feb 08, 2017 | Fertility Care
You can tune into the January 19th episode of CureTalks about Social Egg Freezing here:

ERA: Your Embryo Party Evite

Feb 07, 2017 | Fertility Care
What is the ERA test? Think of it this way: It's a test that basically tells you when to transfer an embryo. It tells you exactly when the embryo party (implantation) starts in your uterus.  Yes, I did just say "party in your uterus." Have you ever been invited to a party but you were the first one to get there? It's awkward to show up when people are still setting out the tables, chairs and plates. The food isn't quite out and it looks like it may take another couple hours for set up to be complete. You aren't going to stay too long at that party and you'll go on your merry way. Your embryo has nowhere to sit. That's the equivalent of a pre-receptive lining. Or what about this, have you ever showed up to a party late? You get there when everyone is already leaving. You're going to leave too. The party is over. That's a post-receptive lining. If the embryo shows up to a "post-receptive party", it won't stay long either. The party you and your embryo want to go to is one where all the tables and chairs are set up and the food is out ie your...

A Custody Battle Over Embryos

Feb 06, 2017 | Fertility Care
Read about Dr. Mimi Lee's  journey. She has lessons that only someone who has gone through something this difficult can teach. She shared her story with the Atlantic in this poignant essay published today.  

Super Bowl Sunday PSA

Feb 05, 2017 | Fertility Care
This is a public service announcement about alcohol, fertility and pregnancy on a day when Americans are known to drink 325 million gallons of beer! The title of this article basically says it all but what you should know is that there is no amount of alcohol that is acceptable or okay in pregnancy. If you are buzzed  then imagine how your baby must feel. I know, I know, they do it in Europe and your mom did it when she was pregnant with you but no, that doesn't give you a pass! If you are feeling buzzed, then your baby is trashed. Now what about if you're trying to conceive? Alcohol in moderation does not seem to cause fertility issues or future issues in pregnancy. Danish researchers found that women who drank fewer than 14 alcoholic beverages per week did not have reduced fertility. We do know that binge drinking is bad for your fertility for both men and women. I ask my patients to abstain after their IUI and embryo transfer procedures. If you're trying to conceive, alcohol in moderation won't hurt your fertility. Avoid binge drinking and as always, ask your doctor about your particular situation. There...

Let’s be Blunt: The lowdown on Pot and Fertility

Jan 31, 2017 | Fertility Care
Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in California some may see this as an opportunity to light up. It isn't against the law, right? It should be good for your health since it's legal, right? Marijuana is supposed to cure everything, right? Well, it's all smoke and mirrors when it comes to fertility. The truth about pot and fertility is that you should put the weed down for now. I know, your friends smoke pot  and they had no trouble getting pregnant. I hear this all the time. I'm not picking on you or singling you out but the truth is that it may hurt your fertility and here's how: 1. Men who smoke pot more than once a week may see a dramatic reduction of up to 29% in their sperm count compared to light smokers. 2. It could affect the viability and maturity of the egg. 3. Once the sperm and egg meet in the fallopian tube, embryo transport may be affected and the embryo may never end up landing in the uterus. 4. Once the embryo does land in the uterus, the ability of the embryo to implant ie stick and grow could also be compromised. Go to this...

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