7 Tips to help you prepare for your first visit to a Fertility Doctor

Dec 11, 2016 | Fertility Care
1. Bring all your medical records. It’s great to send them to your new doc ahead of time. But I love it when patients have their paper records printed out and with them in a folder. This way I can flip through them and make sure I’m not missing anything. If you're relying on another clinic to send things ahead of your visit, call before your visit to make sure they have arrived. Be Prepared! 2. Get tested! If you haven’t done the basic fertility work-up, get tested before your visit. After talking to your new doctor's office, see if they will order hormone levels like fsh, estradiol and AMH , semen analysis and a tube test (hysterosalpingogram). Bring in as many puzzle pieces as possible to your appointment so your doc can put the puzzle pieces together in order to solve the puzzle about what may be going on. 3. Know when your last period started and approximately when you ovulate. I can tell you that when I’m going to do the first pelvic ultrasound on a patient it’s really helpful to me if a patient knows approximately when her period started. This way I have a good idea...

Dr. Aimee on Spanish TV

Dec 10, 2016 | Fertility Care
Dr. Aimee was recently profiled in a 60 Minutes type documentary about Silicon Valley shown on Spanish TV. The show profiled some of the most advanced technologies that have improved lives around  the world. Their interest for this particular segment was in egg freezing technology. The film crew attended one of Dr. Aimee's "Egg Freezing Parties" and spoke with women about their decision to learn more about the process and become more fertility aware. Watch the segment here.    

3 Things Curvy Women Trying to Conceive should Know

Oct 07, 2016 | Fertility Care
I had the honor of being included in Ali Vincent's catch up interview for the show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Here's a link to the segment from October 8th. Here are 3 things I want curvy women trying to conceive to know: 1) Don't let your size keep you out of your fertility doctor's office. You may have had other well meaning doctors tell you your problems are because you're too heavy when that may NOT be the case at all. Go see a fertility doctor! 2) Think about doing your injections intramuscular instead of subcutaneous (follow the direction of your personal physician) so that your body can make the best use of the medication. 3) Stop waiting to lose the weight first. Your ovaries are on the clock. If you wait until you're at the "perfect" bmi, your egg quality may have drastically diminished.  See your local fertility doctor now. At the end of the day, living your healthiest life each and every day is ultimately the goal I have for every patient. But I know so well how hard maintaining a healthy body size can be for so many women struggling with fertility issues. Please don't fat shame yourself....

Dr. Aimee in DuJour Magazine

Sep 25, 2016 | Fertility Care
Dr. Aimee was profiled in this DuJour Magazine article this month written by author  Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, author of In her Own Sweet Time. Want to join our next egg freezing party? Go to: sfeggfreezingparty.eventbrite.com  

Does Stress Cause Infertility?

Sep 24, 2016 | Fertility Care
Click Here to read a Great article by Dr. Lora Shahine on Stress and Infertility. I recommend doing whatever you can for yourself to promote rest and relaxation. Suggestions include: meditation, individual therapy, group therapy, online support groups, acupuncture, massage, healthful eating, and exercise. Talk to your doctor about acupuncture referrals in your area and any helpful tips they may have for you. Easier said than done, but do what you can to find joy in the journey. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="263"] Find Joy in the Journey[/caption]

Dr Aimee in the News quoted in NPR about IVF and Frozen embryos

Aug 23, 2016 | Fertility Care
Read the article here

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