Worst things to say to those struggling with Conceiving

Mar 10, 2015 | Fertility Care
This is such a great blog post with pictures and more! I couldn't agree more about the best thing to do for someone going through fertility treatment: "Offer your support, love, and an endless supply of hugs."

Are you caught up on Kristin’s blog?

Feb 06, 2015 | Fertility Care
If you haven't seen this blog yet or you haven't been to it for awhile, be sure to find out the latest and greatest news! http://ivfisveryfun.blogspot.com/ Great blog that takes you from start to finish of an IVF cycle.

Britain to allow world’s first ‘three-parent’ IVF babies

Feb 04, 2015 | Fertility Care
I love this article in TIME on the technology and what it means for families with rare mitochondrial disorders. This isn't genetic engineering for designer babies or anything like that. This is science at its best,  giving families that carry very serious genetic diseases the chance to have children that are disease and suffering free. Take a chance to read it. You won't be sorry.    

Possible cause of IVF failure in some women identified

Feb 03, 2015 | Fertility Care
One of a fertility doctor's most difficult jobs is trying to find answers for patients when we've done everything we possibly can to help them and yet  things still don't work. The emotional, physical and financial costs of going through IVF cycle after IVF cycle with  genetic testing to transfer gorgeous euploid (normal chromosomes) embryos to only have failure after failure are great . The loss takes a toll on the human spirit. The diagnosis in cases like this is implantation failure and we often ask patients to consider gestational surrogacy.  Looking at a patient's window of implantation can be very helpful.   A new study describes a possible explanation to support the theory that implantation failure may be due to receptivity issues within the lining of the uterus due to  decreased receptor levels  of  insulin-like growth factors (IGF1R).  The researchers found that IGF1R has a previously unknown role to play in the attachment process and that when it is reduced there is a higher probability that the embryo won't attach. When reading the study, note that they quote general IVF success rates of  25%. Success rates are higher in the US than in other countries.

Two Pink Lines Blog from the Fertility Counselor

Jan 24, 2015 | Fertility Care
Don't miss this great article: From Tupperware Parties to Egg Freezing Parties Learn more about the author, Fenella Das Gupta Enjoy!

Dr. Aimee in Yahoo News

Jan 21, 2015 | Fertility Care
Don't miss this great article on egg freezing in Yahoo News out today!

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