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Aug 04, 2010 | Fertility Care
Great source of information and support: August  4, 2010 In this newsletter we've included some great articles and some tips on making the most out of our community as well as growing your own. Our featured contributor is Cindy Bailey from Fertile Kitchen.  Her newest article on the site is Cocktails and Caffeine.  Information on how alcohol and caffeine can effect your fertility.  A must read to anyone currently trying to conceive.  Share your thoughts on her information. We'd also like to introduce you to one of our newest bloggers:  Waiting for a  Baby Bump. Follow along with her during her IVF journey. Our Community: Did you know that you can create your own group? Each group comes complete with a message board, activity stream and group calendar.   You can also promote your group on your blog too! Simply place the RSS feed url from the group you've created into an "Rss Widget" on your side bar.  Your readers can now follow along and contribute!  This is a great way to develop a following and participation.  If you have any questions on usage, please don't hesitate to contact us. Use your group calendar to promote your events and activities.  You can use the group calendar...

Pelvic Ultrasound Please

Aug 02, 2010 | Fertility Care
When you go to your doctor with high blood pressure, what usually happens?  Your doctor will run tests. Maybe order some bloodwork, maybe even an EKG and an ultrasound of your heart called an echocardiogram. Why is it that when women go to their gynecologists complaining of infertility, they are given a prescription of clomid for a year and sent out the door? I want all women to know that you shouldn't start any fertility treatments without the necessary evaluation and imaging studies. Here's why: 1. You may have a fibroid sitting in the middle of your uterus that is blocking the ability of your embryos to attach and grow. A pelvic exam would not detect this finding. 2. You may have a uterine polyp that also could go undiagnosed. A polyp will act the same way that a fibroid would sitting in the middle of your cavity - much like an IUD or contraceptive device. (more…)

Fragile X Syndrome – Should you be screened?

Jul 29, 2010 | Fertility Care
Fragile X syndrome, is the most common cause of inherited mental impairment. Why would someone see a fertility specialist and then get screened for the Fragile X mutation? Here’s why: (more…)

A few quick tips to help you cope with Infertility

Jul 27, 2010 | Fertility Care
Infertility treatment isn’t always about success. I wish I could guarantee pregnancy for every patient who walks into my clinic. I can guarantee that I will do my best to give you your highest chance of pregnancy but helping my patients cope with negative results isn’t easy. I’m always looking for things I can do to help my patients cope with their sadness and live in the moment. I found this great article in the August 2010 SELF magazine. I’ve summarized some key points here. If you’ve ever gone to a party and opened up to someone about your struggles, you may have heard one of the following statements: "Don’t try so hard" "Maybe if you just worked less and took a vacation, you would get pregnant" "My neighbor’s friend’s cousin, had 4 miscarriages and is now pregnant again. I know you will be pregnant too someday." When you hear anything like that when out in public, it is so easy to stop talking and to isolate yourself. Researchers have shown that women who have difficulty getting pregnant can be as depressed as those who have major heart problems or cancer. But infertility doesn’t get the same media campaigns as...

Should you stop your antidepressants?

Jul 22, 2010 | Fertility Care
A recently published  study has shown that pregnant women who take antidepressants have a 68% increased risk of miscarriage compared with those who do not take the medications. Many women struggling to conceive have depression and take antidepressants so I’m glad that this study has come out and is contributing to both depression and miscarriage research. I don't think you should stop your anti-depressants because of this study. (more…)

Fertility and Sex

Jul 21, 2010 | Fertility Care
Do you find that it's harder and hard to have sex when trying to conceive? Scheduled sex isn't easy for men or women. Here are some tips to help you make it easier: Things you may want to try: Visual aids Toys (more…)

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