IVF Success Rates

Dec 29, 2009 | Fertility Care
How do you learn about success rates  for IVF programs? Go to this link and you will find  helpful information about success rates for programs in the US. http://www.sart.org/find_frm.html Just wanted to get this helpful info out there - I will let you know more about how to interpret the data later.

Dealing with Miscarriage, What are your choices?

Dec 28, 2009 | Fertility Care
Miscarriages aren’t easy. Having a miscarriage means different things to different people. Having a miscarriage means different things to men and women. When a woman becomes pregnant – she starts imagining kindergarten graduation, her child’s birthday parties, high school graduation, her child’s wedding…..many men don’t realize what a pregnancy really means until they are changing their first diaper. This is a huge over generalization just to show that pregnancy and miscarriage are do not mean the same thing to all of us. There are some men that grieve more than their female partners who are suffering from miscarriage. There are some women who don't grieve at all. Some women grieve as if it’s the death of a living relative. They remember the date they miscarried and remember the date every year and remember the date their child would have been on that day, referring to them by name. The way you choose to grieve during over the loss associated with miscarriage is the right way. Everyone is different. Physicians need to realize that every patient is different as well and some women need longer to cope with the news than others. We grieve differently, and we also want different things...

Finding an Infertility Clinic that is Right for You

Dec 15, 2009 | Fertility Care
Step 1: Find the infertility clinics in your area. How do you do that? The easiest way is to go to the following link: http://www.fertilitylifelines.com/ Scroll down to where it says “Find a fertility specialist” in the bottom right corner of the page. Enter your zip code and you will find the closest clinics to you. Step 2: Learn what your infertility benefits are before you see an infertility doctor. You can do this a few ways: 1. Contact your insurance company 2. Call this number: 1-866-LETS-TRY (1-866-538-7879) and they will do a benefits check for you. They have insurance advocates that will take down your insurance information and will call your insurance on your behalf. It’s confidential and free. 3. Most fertility drug pharmacies will also provide this service. So you can contact them to do the work for you as well. I recommend verifying any information you get from any of the sources above. Do 2 benefit checks, one through the free service and one on your own by calling your insurance company. What I’ve found is that your insurance company can tell you one thing when you call but a benefits check from an outside source can...

Preparing yourself for the wait until your Pregnancy Test

Dec 15, 2009 | Fertility Care
Going through infertility treatments is tough. It takes a toll on your emotions, your relationships with your partner, loved ones and friends. Many people think that taking the medications is the toughest part of going through infertility treatments but what many people don’t talk about is how difficult the waiting period can be from the time the treatment is over – either an ovulation, insemination or embryo transfer to the time of the pregnancy test. Waiting for the pregnancy test result is emotionally draining. Preparing yourself for that wait is essential for your emotional well-being. This is what I recommend: Even if you’ve decided to take time off work after your embryo transfer, make sure that your days are full of activities. What are some things you can do? 1. Pick an area of your house to organize and make a plan of what you’re going to organize on what day and check it off on a list of things to do. 2. Read a book that you’ve wanted to read but haven’t had enough time. 3. Organize old pictures 4. Take cooking classes and cook/bake at home. 5. As you wait for your results you will find your mind...

Infertility Care for the Bay Area, California

It doesn't matter where you live, whether in the Bay Area or out of State, we can coordinate your care with Dr. Aimee from anywhere. We're here to help. We're a simple email or phone call away:  email@draimee.org or reach us at 925-277-0600

How to improve your chances of conceiving at home: with or without infertility treatment

Dec 09, 2009 | Fertility Care
I’m going to give you some tips about things you can do at home to increase your chances of conceiving – whether you are going through infertility treatments or not – these tips may help! Check with your doctor first because these tips are not meant as a substitute for medical advice. 1. Take Robitussin: Robitussin contains guanefesin. Guanefesin is an expectorant – it thins mucous. It thins mucous in the lungs the same way it thins mucous in the cervix. In order for sperm to be able to swim through the cervix into the uterus, the mucous should be thin and this will help. Some fertility drugs such as clomid can affect the lining of the uterus and the cervical mucous to make pregnancy harder to achieve so by taking guanefesin – you are hopefully counteracting the side effect of drying up the cervical mucous. Mucinex has the same effect. Just plain Robitussin is what you take – start it 5 days before your expected ovulation until you ovulate. For example, if you think you ovulate around cycle day #14, start the guanefesin on cycle day #9. (more…)

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