Women run out of 90% of their eggs by age 30 – What should we learn from this study?

Feb 04, 2010 | Infertility News

There’s been much media attention surrounding a recent study out of the UK. The article suggests that women run out of 90% of their eggs by age 30. This doesn’t mean that women over 30 can’t get pregnant. It means that women over 30 can face challenges getting pregnant because they have run out of good quality eggs.

We know that we were born with all the eggs we’ll ever have. We know that ovarian aging begins in our 20s. We know that your highest chance of pregnancy is before age 25 and it goes down after that. We all run out of eggs – some of us sooner than others.

Hollywood stars make us believe that pregnancy is achievable no matter how old you are – not reality. The reason why I like this study is that I think it makes the point that pregnancy as we age gets more difficult as our ovaries run out of eggs. Real life isn’t the way it seems in the tabloids. Hollywood stars getting pregnant over 40 are working very very hard to do so and aren’t always being truthful about how they are achieving their pregnancies which is misleading for women of all ages.

It isn’t that easy after age 40 to get pregnant. And I’m glad that this study is shedding light on how hard it is to get pregnant even after age 30. I see this all the time – the couple who wanted to enjoy being married for years before trying – then when they’re in their 40s they want to start only to realize that they waited too long.

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