How to Create Your Own Personalized IVF Plan

Jun 15, 2018 | Fertility Care
Have you ever used Google Maps and been redirected midway via a better route? Alternatively, maybe you’re proactive in managing traffic and go directly to Waze to get you from point A to point B in the most time effective way? These apps are well-loved and widely used because they remove obstacles out of an otherwise potentially painful process, and they do so with data. I bring the beauty of Google Maps into my fertility care by serving as a personal navigator for every one of my patient’s IVF care and talked about it here. We tell these apps where we want to go, they determine our starting point and formulate a plan. It’s not a one-size fits-all-route; it is customized and updated in real-time to avoid the proverbial bumps along the way. I would get lost daily without this personalized navigation. Personalized Navigation for Fertility I bring the beauty of Google Maps into my fertility care by serving as a personal navigator for every one of my patient’s IVF care. It’s the approach required for every IVF patient to have their best chance at getting to their point B, which is a healthy pregnancy. To be clear, I’m in no...

Catch Tonight’s Egg Whisperer Show at 7PM PST

Jun 14, 2018 | Fertility Care
Tonight's show is on How to Create your own Personalized IVF Plan. You can watch it here LIVE tonight at 7PM PST. Have you ever used Google Maps and been redirected midway via a better route? Think about this show as your personalized navigation tool for fertility and IVF. I bring the beauty of Google Maps into my fertility care by serving as a personal navigator for every one of my patients. Watch tonight’s show to learn the techniques I use to create a personalized IVF care plan for my patients. Diagnosis before treatment is the "Egg Whisperer Way." My goal is to decrease your time to pregnancy and increase your pregnancy rate. I hope this show helps YOU!

Dr. Aimee interviewed on KTVU today

Jun 08, 2018 | Fertility Care
Click here to read the story and watch her interview:

How to Deal With Pregnancy Anxiety After A Miscarriage or Infertility

Jun 07, 2018 | Fertility Care
                                         Dr. Aimee interviews Dr. Alice Domar, Executive Director of the Domar Center for Mind Body Healthy Just being pregnant can put your anxiety circuits into overdrive—even if you haven’t had any fertility issues or faced a pregnancy loss. Everything in your world is changing, including your body, your relationships with other people, and drum roll, please, your entire future! Yes, its true, but it’s also an amazing and wonderful passage to embrace. I also know that for women who have faced a pregnancy loss or infertility that pregnancy, especially the first trimester, can be really really challenging. That’s why I recently sat down with Dr. Alice Domar, a cognitive behavior psychologist and a pioneer in the field of Mind/Body medicine. As executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF, and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, she conducts on-going ground-breaking research which focuses on the relationship between stress and infertility. Her new book is called Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom. It’s about how to find ways to counteract stress, put your anxieties into perspective, and bring peace...

Why I throw Egg Freezing Parties

Jun 02, 2018 | Fertility Care
If the idea of an egg freezing party terrifies you, it should. It’s a toxic combination of alcohol and surgical procedure that frankly I’m surprised is still legal. And, cut. This is a joke. I hope you are laughing, or at least slack-jawed. I’m obviously kidding here. But you’d be surprised… I have had women ask me all the time if egg freezing actually happens at these shindigs. Alas, no. It most certainly does not. Nor will it ever. It starts by educating all women, especially those in their 20s and 30s TODAY about the proactive stance they can take for their own fertility Egg Freezing parties are safe and surgery-free gatherings of women (and sometimes men) to learn about your fertility. There is humor. There is honest talk. Mostly, I throw them because I want every woman (And man) to be empowered about their fertility. It’s really as simple as that. I want every woman (and man) to learn how they can take a proactive role in supporting their reproductive health through fertility screening (See article, Introducing: The TUSHY Method), learning about the basic process of freezing your eggs (or sperm) and how to decide if egg freezing is the...

DR. Aimee on KQED’s Forum: The Benefits and Risks of Egg Donation and Freezing

May 22, 2018 | Fertility Care
                                                          Dr. Aimee and Dr. Diane Tober discussed with Forum host Tanya Mosley There is a growing number of women who want to freeze their eggs and an increasing demand for donor eggs. According to the latest CDC data, in 2015 more than 72,000 babies were born in the United States from harvested eggs — either via egg donation or egg freezing. This shift brings up a lot new choices and dynamics for women and families that we all need to become more aware of in order to navigate them in healthy ways. In most cases, it’s really hard for women to get pregnant over the age of 37, and in the Bay Area most women are starting to try to get pregnant at 36. Every woman needs to know what the reality is. On May 4th, I joined Diane Tober, an assistant professor and medical anthropologist at UCSF School of Nursing and the creator of the upcoming documentary “The Perfect Donor” on KQED’s Forum to discuss the benefits and risks of both egg donation and egg...

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