The Tushy Method

Aug 11, 2018 | Fertility Care
No two fertility patients are alike, which means that all fertility care should be personalized to your individual needs. This idea can sound expensive and daunting for both the patient and the doctor, but it isn’t. In fact, Dr. Aimee has seen firsthand that when she uses “The TUSHY Method,” a straightforward strategy for getting your fertility checked in 5 easy steps, her patients’ satisfaction with their care increases — and the time it takes for them to get pregnant decreases. It’s a new standard of fertility care that makes personalized fertility medicine easy and more affordable. Decrease Your Time to Pregnancy The TUSHY Check-up should be the first step every fertility patient takes. It will ensure that you are taking the right path to a healthy pregnancy and baby. What is The TUSHY Method? “T” in TUSHY stands for tubes (the fallopian tubes). In a tubal evaluation, a small amount of nontoxic dye is pushed through the uterus and tubes in order to determine if the tubes are open. What are fallopian tubes? These are the thin tubes where fertilization occurs. There is one on either side of the uterus. They enable the passage of the embryo into the uterus...

Delivering Hope: Pregnancy Through Surrogacy

Aug 02, 2018 | Fertility Care
An Interview with Mary Kennerly and Cat Dobbs, the founders of Delivering Hope. Like so many women today, Mary Kennerly launched her career as a clinical psychologist before starting a family. When she met Wes and got married, they wanted to spend a few years enjoying life as a couple before having children. When they did start trying, however, they discovered that Mary’s egg count was low. She also had the autoimmune disease Lupus, which contributed to multiple miscarriages after going through IVF. I finally told them that surrogacy would be their best option to have biological children. I reassured Mary that even if she couldn’t carry a pregnancy, the minute she held her baby in her arms; she would feel the same deep bond of any new mother. “We want to honor the mountain that the family has climbed, and if they are tired and don’t have as much hope as they did in the beginning, we want to be that hope for them because we know exactly where they’ve been.”—Mary Kennerly, Founder of Delivering Hope. She met Cat Dobbs through an agency, and within a few months, Cat became pregnant with Wes and Mary’s twins. Cat and Mary,...

Making Modern Families with Donor Eggs and Donor Sperm: A Conversation with Dr. Diane Tober

Aug 02, 2018 | Fertility Care
Dr. Diane Tober, a medical anthropologist and adjunct professor at the University of California San Francisco’s Institute for Health and Aging, joined me on the July 25th The Egg Whisperer Show to talk about her new book, a film she has in the works and her ongoing research into the role sperm and egg donation plays in the changing meanings of modern family. Dr. Tober has been researching egg and sperm donation for over 25 years, and in this time, she has seen the cultural landscape change—and the number of donor-conceived children increase as more single women, and LGBT couples start families with donor eggs and sperm. I was really interested in how people felt about donors, and how perceptions of genetics influenced donor choice In her new book, Romancing the Sperm: Shifting Biopolitics and the Making of Modern Families, she explores the intersections between the sperm banking industry, the men who provide sperm, and the single women and lesbian couples who use donor sperm to conceive their children. In the introduction to the book she explains: “This book situates women’s experiences creating families during the onset of the so-called “lesbian baby boom” and the rise of “Single Mothers by Choice,” but also ultimately...

Tonight’s Egg Whisperer Show at 7PM PST: Delivering Hope

Aug 02, 2018 | Fertility Care
Watch tonight's show LIVE at 7PM here. Learn about my special guests ahead of tonight's show:

Motherhood Reimagined: A Conversation About Fertility and Single Motherhood with Sarah Kowalski

Jul 24, 2018 | Fertility Care
The choice to have a baby on your own - either with a known sperm donor or one found through a sperm bank, is starting to become less taboo as more women tell their stories openly and publicly. Recently, the New York Timespublished an opinion piece entitled “Single at 38? Have that Baby!” by Emma Brockes, a journalist and author of the new book An Excellent Choice: Panic and Joy on my Solo Path to Motherhood. “It takes a certain amount of courage to have a baby alone, and the relief of reaching the other side has never worn off,” she writes. “Being a single parent pushes you outward. I lean on my neighbors to a degree I never would have in a two parent unit; my friends are family in deeper ways than they might otherwise have been. I have finally learned, at the age of 42, to ask for help.” “I think it’s important not to think of it as a Plan B,” says Kowalski. “I want to think of it as an amazing model of how to have a kid.” The Reality of Single Motherhood in America Sarah Kowalski, another amazing woman who made this choice, joined me on my July...

Mysteries of the IVF Lab Revealed

Jul 24, 2018 | Fertility Care
Some people like mysteries and some don’t. When you’re going through IVF, I think it’s important to know as much as possible about the process — everything from how your body may react to each step to what exactly happens behind the scenes in the IVF lab. What happens after your eggs are retrieved? How are your eggs prepared for fertilization? How do embryologists perform assisted hatching? How are your eggs and embryos frozen? I recommend getting as much information as possible about the level of expertise of the embryologists with whom your fertility doctor works. I recently hosted Salu Ribeiro, an embryologist at UCSF on The Egg Whisperer show, in order to demystify what happens behind the scenes. Ribeiro studied for many years at UC Davis and the University of Leeds in the UK to become a board certified scientific expert in making sperm and egg meet in a petri dish, or invitro, the I in IVF. After I retrieve a patient’s eggs, Salu is the person who I hand them off to. He’s their first baby sitter. Not every embryologist is as well-trained as Salu, and I trust him because he has a very steady hand when he handles embryos....

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