5 Things to Ask before IVF for Gender Selection

Apr 03, 2010 | Fertility Care
Requests for gender selection are not uncommon. What does this involve? It usually involves IVF. The embryos are then biopsied in order to determine whether the embryo is a girl embryo or a boy embryo (this procedure is called PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis). This is what you should ask yourself: What will you do if all of your embryos are boy embryos when you wanted a girl? Would you still go through with a transfer? Will you discard the embryos? Will you freeze your embryos? Will you consider donating your embryos? (more…)

Aluminum Cans and Your Fertility

A recent Danish study published in American Journal of Epidemiology showed that men who drank more soda (equivalent to 4 sodas per day) had a lower sperm count than men who didn’t drink as much soda  - and when they compared caffeine intake – the difference didn’t seem to be related to caffeine. This totally makes sense – the guys who were drinking more sodas also ate more fast foods and ate less fruits and vegetables.  Of course their sperm counts are going to be lower – right? But what if it’s actually something linked to the aluminum cans? (more…)

How Does Surrogacy Work?

Mar 25, 2010 | Fertility Care
Another great article by Gail Sexton Anderson: www.donorconcierge.com * Traditional surrogacy. The only option years ago, in traditional surrogacy the surrogate is both egg donor and surrogate. She is biologically related to the child she is carrying for the intended parents. Now that gestational surrogacy has been perfected, traditional surrogacy isn’t used as often as it used to be. * Gestational surrogacy. The surrogate often carries a child that is genetically related to the intended parents. With gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is not biologically related to the child she is carrying. (more…)

Prostate Cancer and Male Infertility – What you should know

Infertile men were found to be were found to be 2.6 times more likely to be diagnosed with high-grade prostate cancer compared to fertile men according to a recent study published in this month’s Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal published by the American Cancer Society. Don’t jump to any conclusions. The study did NOT show that infertile men were at higher risk of prostate cancer compared with fertile men. What they found is that infertile men (more…)

Mind-Body Medicine – How can it Help you conceive?

Mar 24, 2010 | Fertility Care
We hear a lot about Mind-Body Medicine and its benefits. It has been shown to increase your chances to conceive. But what exactly does this mean? You know the negative thoughts that are constantly going through your head? "I'll never get pregnant" "I'm not meant to be a mother" (more…)

How To Choose an Egg Donor

Mar 20, 2010 | Fertility Care
I found this great article on how to choose an egg donor. I'm sharing it here.  It is written by Gail Sexton Anderson from www.donorconcierge.com Do’s and Don’ts of Donor Selection Choosing an egg donor is one of the most challenging decisions you will ever make. Gail’s best advice—offered after over 12 years of experience—is to look for someone you like on a personal level, rather than someone who looks just like either intended parent. Look for someone to whom you feel drawn, someone who feels “familiar.” (more…)

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