4 Tips to Help You Get the Most for Your Infertility Dollar

Feb 15, 2010 | Fertility Care
Know your insurance benefits prior to making any appointments with your infertility doctor. The reason is this – the infertility doctor you choose may not be contracted with your insurance company. Knowing the details about your insurance coverage will prevent the following scenario: your infertility doctor orders blood tests but is not contracted with your insurance company. You go to the lab and have the labwork drawn only to get a bill (more…)

Caffeine – How Much is Too Much?

Patients are always asking me, "How much coffee can I drink while trying to conceive?"  There have been studies showing a link between caffeine and miscarriage and studies that show no link. Wouldn’t you think that women in these studies recorded how much caffeine they consumed daily followed by an analysis of their pregnancy outcome? None of these studies were done that way. They were all done by recall. This means women were asked to remember how much coffee they drank when they were pregnant. Researchers then came to some conclusion about what it all means. Researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health recently published their findings which showed no link (more…)

High amount of pollution = Increase in miscarriage risk

We are learning more and more  about the connection between environmental pollutants and fertility problems in both males and females. A recent study out of Brazil showed that women exposed to high levels of air pollution prior to conceiving had a much higher risk of miscarriage. What does this mean to us in the US? First of all, learn about the air quality in your area around the time you are planning on conceiving (more…)

Fertility Treatment for Unmarried Persons and GLBT

Please take the time to listen Dr. Kao on the radio. He was on the radio this past Saturday night.  Job well done Dr. Kao. Dr. Kao on Swirl Radio All over the country, a growing number of professional women without male partners have chosen to have children, (more…)

Why should you know if your tubes are open before IVF?

Feb 07, 2010 | Fertility Care
This sounds like a silly question. You’re going through IVF and your doctor wants to make sure you don’t have blocked or dilated tubes. If your tubes are blocked you are at higher risk for an ectopic pregnancy. If your tubes are dilated with fluid, you are at higher risk for an ectopic pregnancy and you have a significantly lower chance of getting pregnant. The reason is this: the fluid in your tubes can wash away the embryo. We call the fluid “embryo toxic.” So what can you do before you go through IVF to make sure that you don’t have a dilated tube? (more…)

Timing of intercourse – When do you time intercourse when planning an insemination?

Feb 07, 2010 | Infertility News
Patients are always asking me, when should we have intercourse? Patients will often tell me what they read on infertility blogs – that they should wait 3-4 days before producing semen for intrauterine insemination. What do we know: we know that abstinence (no ejaculation) for greater than 4 days (more…)

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