The Fast Track and Standard Treatment (FASTT) Trial

Aug 06, 2010 | Fertility Care
Results from one of the most exciting infertility trials were just published today. When women are given their treatment options, we usually say, try fertility pills with insemination for 3 months then move to fertility shots with insemination for 3 months then go to IVF. We all know that IVF has the highest success rates. The FASTT Trial was designed to evaluate whether women should skip the shots with insemination phase of treatment and go right to IVF. Brilliant. The researchers found that the women who went right to IVF after not getting pregnant with fertility pills and IUI had an increased pregnancy rate compared with the conventional arm of treatment (pills--> shots -->IVF).  Not only were the pregnancy rates much higher in the IVF group (as expected) but the women who were in the accelerated treatment group were pregnant 3 months earlier. Skipping the fertility shots with IUI treatment option and going to IVF also showed to be cost effective.  Average charges per delivery were $9,800 lower  in the accelerated arm compared to conventional treatment. The observed incremental difference was a savings of $2,624 per couple for accelerated treatment. (more…)

What can we learn about the World’s oldest Mothers?

Jun 23, 2010 | Fertility Care
For those of you who haven't heard the story yet, there is a 70 year old woman who gave birth 18 months ago through IVF. She is reportedly dying from complications related to the pregnancy. News also just broke that a 66 year old woman became the oldest woman to have triplets. Why would I talk about these stories? I'm not supporting pregnancy at age 66 or 70 but these stories show that older women don't stop wanting to become moms just because they're old. Reports have emerged that the 66 year old woman had been trying to conceive for 44 years! Lesson #1: They didn't use their own eggs.  Why would this be important to know? Well there's a woman in her 30s out there whose Mom just called her up and said, (more…)

Physical activity and Female Fertility

Patients are always asking me, “Can I continue to run everyday while undergoing infertility treatment?” It isn’t unusual for a patient to say, “My Mom thinks that the reason why I’m not getting pregnant is because I exercise too much, is she right?” This is what we know: Women who exercise most days of the week have been shown to be 3 times more likely to have fertility problems than inactive women. (more…)