Aluminum Cans and Your Fertility

A recent Danish study published in American Journal of Epidemiology showed that men who drank more soda (equivalent to 4 sodas per day) had a lower sperm count than men who didn’t drink as much soda  – and when they compared caffeine intake – the difference didn’t seem to be related to caffeine.

This totally makes sense – the guys who were drinking more sodas also ate more fast foods and ate less fruits and vegetables.  Of course their sperm counts are going to be lower – right?

But what if it’s actually something linked to the aluminum cans? A patient of mine recently asked me this very question. She asked me if infertility is related to drinking from aluminum cans. I didn’t know the answer – so I did some research.

There is no research study out there that shows reduced fertility in women exposed to aluminum cans (at least not one that I can find), BUT there is ample evidence in plant biology research to show that plants exposed to high levels of aluminum in the soil have increased meiotic and mitotic disorders (aka genetic issues – could be our version of infertility and miscarriage).

Studies have also shown that women who work in aluminum plants have a higher incidence of fertility issues .

If you take all the information out there and try to come up with a possible explanation, it is possible that it isn’t the soda, it isn’t the fast food and bad diet but possibly something associated with the  aluminum in cans that is negatively impacting our fertility.

I’m really glad my patient recently asked me if she should cut out sodas from aluminum cans . I feel there is enough research out there  to recommend that if you’re trying to get pregnant, try not to drink from aluminum cans. I went to a toxicology website and learnedthat aluminum toxicity from cans is really rare and that aluminum levels vary from can to can.

So there you have it, drinking from aluminum cans – something many of us do without thinking – could affect our fertility.