An Olympic Athlete and her Egg Freezing Story

Mar 28, 2018 | Fertility Care

Christina Cruz is currently the #1 ranked female boxer on the Olympic team, Team USA. Christina has won several National Championships and medaled in elite international events such as the 2012 World Championships. She excelled in sports from a very young age and started boxing when she was 22. Christina froze her eggs because of her Olympic career, so she could have a chance for future pregnancy when she’s ready. She didn’t want to give up one dream for another and hoped she could have both. At her side is Olympic US gymnastic medalist, Brandon Wynn Gym. It is rare that people share their experience with social #eggfreezing, and rarer still that those in the sports and entertainment industry do so. Christina and Brandon recently Vlogged their entire egg freezing cycle with Cmd Fertility and just started sharing their journey.

You can start following her here:

I’m excited to share the stage with her on May 11th. Please get your ticket today and make your way to the event too!

TO MY FOLLOWING: ????PLEASE READ AND WATCH???? ? @brandonwynngym and I are nervous and excited to share this journey with you.? ? We have decided to take a scary and exciting step towards our future. (No we are not pregnant or taking steroids lol)? ? Remember when I was posting about not being able to workout for 2 weeks? This short micro-documentary will show why.????? ? I’m still in the works of putting the short 1-minute vlogs together but here is a teaser to have you all wondering and excited to find out.? ? I have always had the most supportive and best fans , friends and family in the world and we feel like we owe it to you all who have been following my life throughout my athletic career.? ? I love you all! ?? #TeamCruz #celebrateyourlife ? #boxing #fitness #women #fitgirls #Fitspo #fit #iggirls #strong #athlete #fitnessfreaks #sports #fitlife #GymLife #gym #gymrat #training #instafit #girlswhofight #FitFam #fighter #surprise #women #woman

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