ERA: Your Embryo Party Evite

Feb 07, 2017 | Fertility Care

What is the ERA test? Think of it this way: It’s a test that basically tells you when to transfer an embryo. It tells you exactly when the embryo party (implantation) starts in your uterus.  Yes, I did just say “party in your uterus.”

Have you ever been invited to a party but you were the first one to get there? It’s awkward to show up when people are still setting out the tables, chairs and plates. The food isn’t quite out and it looks like it may take another couple hours for set up to be complete. You aren’t going to stay too long at that party and you’ll go on your merry way. Your embryo has nowhere to sit. That’s the equivalent of a pre-receptive lining.

Or what about this, have you ever showed up to a party late? You get there when everyone is already leaving. You’re going to leave too. The party is over. That’s a post-receptive lining. If the embryo shows up to a “post-receptive party”, it won’t stay long either.

The party you and your embryo want to go to is one where all the tables and chairs are set up and the food is out ie your uterus is receptive!  party If your embryo arrives too early or too late it won’t stay for the party and implant. The ERA test is equivalent to the Evite that tells you the exact arrival time for the “embryo party” in your uterus.

There are still reasons why an embryo may not implant despite doing the ERA test. This test at least gives you peace of mind that you’ve transferred the embryo at the right time. In 2017, I offer patients both the ERA test and the Receptivadx test. With one biopsy, I send cells to both companies and get very helpful results.

And in case you’re wondering, no one pays me to blog or write articles about tests that I think are helpful. I’m just a fertility doc trying doing my best to help each and every patient reach their goals. Here’s a recent clip from NBC News about the test: