Is your pregnancy test negative, again?

Jan 25, 2018 | Fertility Care
Here is my guide for what to do. Let’s get real. It sucks when we do everything we can in our power to make something happen, and it just doesn’t. We try. We try again. And still we don’t get the result we’re hoping for. If you’ve ever wanted to get pregnant, and have seen a negative result on the test, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Month after month. Test after test. It doesn’t matter if it’s one month of trying or 2 years…. “Trying to get pregnant” can be painful, and the phrase itself is defeatist. The mindset it establishes is one based on fear, vs. love. I like to lead from a place of love, and encourage my patients to think positively. For that reason, I advocate for replacing it with, “preparing for pregnancy.” Doesn’t it just sound more peaceful, and open to the process? I think so. Regardless if you are on board with my line of thinking, I do want to share some helpful tips and suggestions so that your path to pregnancy is as informed and efficient as possible. Preparing for Pregnancy Whether you’ve been preparing for pregnancy for one month, or twelve. It can...

Social Egg Freezing, All you Should know

Feb 08, 2017 | Fertility Care
You can tune into the January 19th episode of CureTalks about Social Egg Freezing here:

Let’s be Blunt: The lowdown on Pot and Fertility

Jan 31, 2017 | Fertility Care
Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in California some may see this as an opportunity to light up. It isn't against the law, right? It should be good for your health since it's legal, right? Marijuana is supposed to cure everything, right? Well, it's all smoke and mirrors when it comes to fertility. The truth about pot and fertility is that you should put the weed down for now. I know, your friends smoke pot  and they had no trouble getting pregnant. I hear this all the time. I'm not picking on you or singling you out but the truth is that it may hurt your fertility and here's how: 1. Men who smoke pot more than once a week may see a dramatic reduction of up to 29% in their sperm count compared to light smokers. 2. It could affect the viability and maturity of the egg. 3. Once the sperm and egg meet in the fallopian tube, embryo transport may be affected and the embryo may never end up landing in the uterus. 4. Once the embryo does land in the uterus, the ability of the embryo to implant ie stick and grow could also be compromised. Go to this...

Dr. Aimee’s List of Five Things Every Fertility Patient Needs

Jan 22, 2017 | Fertility Care
Every fertility patient needs these 5 things. 1.TEAM: Find your team. Think about everyone you need in your huddle to help you reach your goals. Grab a piece of paper right now and write down who you need on your roster to make this as easy and enjoyable a process as possible. Don't just think about your main huddle, think about who you need on your cheering squad too. For example: Do you have PCOS? Make sure your team includes: a personal trainer, nutritionist, acupuncturist and fertility doctor. 2.TRY: Having sex probably feels like a chore by now and depending on how long you've been trying, you might be skipping sex for months at a time. Sex on demand isn't fun or sexy. You aren't tearing each other's clothes off  like in soap operas, but try to get your groove back. See a sex therapist if needed. I know it sounds funny to think after being a fertility patient that you could possibly get pregnant naturally, but sometimes the impossible happens. 3.TRANSPARENCY: Be honest with yourself about your diagnosis. If you're over 40, your fertility issues are at least partially age related. Fertility isn't skin deep, you "can't put botox in...

Do you know my Crunchy Apple Theory?

Jan 18, 2017 | Fertility Care
I don't expect you to know my "crunchy apple theory" unless you're a patient of mine. I'll teach you the theory now. Take a look at this picture. What do you see? (more…)

Are you aware of all the risks of fertility treatment before moving forward?

Jan 17, 2013 | Fertility Care
This information is in no way to make you feel guilty for trying fertility treatment but we should pay attention to worldwide trends toward delay in age of first birth in this country. Women are following the social norms and not making bad choices but we should pay attention to the  correlation between age at pregnancy and risk of developmental disorders. There is no definitive evidence of cause and effect between fertility treatment and developmental disorders. There is suggestive evidence in animal studies. Fascinating interview on NPR today. Go to this link and read the article and listen to the show: More background information here: Please talk to your personal physician about your own individual risk of having a baby with birth defects given what your doctor knows about you before moving forward with treatment.  

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