Androxal – Can it help you?

Aug 09, 2010 | Fertility Care
As a society, I think we are doing better job recognizing that more and more infertility is due to sperm issues. When it comes to getting pregnant, there's so much more to sperm quality than just "having some." Men can have low counts, low motility and a low number of normally shaped sperm (called morphology). When one of my patients has any of these abnormalities, I check a male hormone panel. This includes: FSH, LH, free and total testosterone, TSH and prolactin levels. I may also recommend genetic testing: Y chromosome microdeletion, Cystic fibrosis mutation screening  and a karyotype. Depending on the hormone levels (please ask your doctor about your own special situation), I may recommend Clomid. Yes, Clomid for men. When a man has low testosterone levels, it seems common sense that you would treat that with testosterone. Well, that is the last thing you want to do. When you give a guy testosterone it actually knocks out the sperm and doesn't improve it. (more…)

Aluminum Cans and Your Fertility

A recent Danish study published in American Journal of Epidemiology showed that men who drank more soda (equivalent to 4 sodas per day) had a lower sperm count than men who didn’t drink as much soda  - and when they compared caffeine intake – the difference didn’t seem to be related to caffeine. This totally makes sense – the guys who were drinking more sodas also ate more fast foods and ate less fruits and vegetables.  Of course their sperm counts are going to be lower – right? But what if it’s actually something linked to the aluminum cans? (more…)

Trying for another Baby

Jan 13, 2010 | Fertility Care
Trying to have another baby? Have you tried only to have a miscarriage? Let me give you some advice. I hear this all the time: “I got pregnant without even trying for our first child. Why is it so hard to get pregnant this time?” It isn’t unusual to have trouble conceiving after having an easy time with your first pregnancy. 1 out of 10 women need to see an infertility doc to conceive and one common reason for this is (more…)