“The Egg Whisperer” Hosts Egg Freezing Parties throughout the US

Jun 20, 2015 | Fertility Care
Fun to see the story  that aired today on Channel 4 in Seattle. Our next egg freezing party will be in Late July / Early August in San Francisco then we'll be in Sacramento on September 19th. Hope to see you there!

No more peeing on a stick?!

Jun 20, 2015 | Fertility Care
I really think this may be one of the greatest recent breakthroughs for women trying to conceive at home. Imagine never having to pee on another stick to monitor ovulation! I really hope this will revolutionize how women can pinpoint their most fertile window.

Physical Activity and IVF

Jun 19, 2015 | Fertility Care
Do you have a fitbit? Something I recommend to my patients. You don't need to be an extreme fitness enthusiast but being active is great for your heart, soul and fertility. This is a nice article looking at physical activity and IVF.


Jun 19, 2015 | Fertility Care
This is a great article on miscarriage. It breaks down many misconceptions we may have about miscarriage, why they happen and most interestingly, discusses miscarriages in other species.

Misconception about the Female Biological Clock

Jun 18, 2015 | Fertility Care
I see patients daily who see me for the first time and come in under the impression that  "IVF is what you do when you're ready to get pregnant over 40 because it always works...." This article does  a great job discussing how: "It may seem that IVF is the fix for age-related fertility decline, but that's a false and potentially harmful assumption"

Celebrity Pregnancies, Are they misleading ?

Jun 17, 2015 | Fertility Care
Babies are awesome no matter where they came from. This recent fertility report suggests that celebrity fertility headlines mislead fans into believing their fertility lasts longer than it actually does. They are all miracles whether from donor egg IVF or naturally conceived. Celebrity pregnancy obsession is media driven. Don't be misled about how a celebrity achieved pregnancy. Own YOUR fertility! Everyone is different. Learn about what's going on with you where you are in your life and keep track of it. It's easier than you think. Go to eggwhisperer.com to learn more

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